Conference/Event Calendar

Military Links for Air Force

Mandatory Trainings/Weekly Admin

  • AF Portal - CAC login required
    • ADLS – AF training website, computer based annual training
    • AF Leave – Submit Leave for vacation. Should be at least 1 week in advance, but cannot put in more than 30 days beforehand. If you're going out of country, you need to do additional training and paperwork
    • Fitness Training Reports – Results of your PT Tests
    • vMPF – Your personnel records, emergency contact, awards, educations, duty, etc. Also where you get your orders for PCS
  • Army Knowledge Online (AKO) – CAC login required. Non-Army personnel can also get a Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) account. Some online training conducted here
  • DHRMSi – Timecard entry, very important once you’re out of residency
  • E-mail Server – for home access, requires home CAC reader. Usable on Chrome, but requires Internet Explorer (not new Windows 10 Internet Explorer) to install SMIME to access encrypted e-mails. Also requires current JAVA
  • MHSLearn – Where you do annual HIPAA training
  • Swank Health – Health computer based trainings

Tools and Admin
  • AF Writing – Tongue and Quill, the Air Force guide to writing official documents and letters
  • Air Force Specialty Code – Wikipedia list of AFSCs, job codes
  • E-mail HIPAA statement – Example of HIPAA statement to put into the top of your e-mail
  • E-mail Properties – Edit your official e-mail information and lookup e-mails from other Service Branches
  • Free Antivirus Software – Norton Antivirus and McAfee for free on your home pc, courtesy of the DOD. You have to be on a *.mil server to access the page
  • milConnect – website to check and update information for a PCS
  • – A good place to figure out how to get your CAC working on both PC and Mac, with some of the extra programs you'll need too
  • myPay – Download your W-2 for taxes, get your pay stubs (LES), etc.
  • Rack Builder – Good reference to know what order to put your ribbons in, can also order thin racks

Military Travel, Leave & Permissive TDY

  • Air Force Inns – Contact information for Air Force Inns at each base, mandatory if going TDY, usually cheaper if going PTDY or on leave
  • Constructed Travel Worksheet – Necessary for DTS if you are driving instead of flying
  • DTS – Defense Travel System, requires CAC. Mandatory to book TDY's
  • Leaveweb – submit your leave here, make sure you get your paperwork in order beforehand if going OCONUS (out of the continental united states). Requires current JAVA to work
  • VirtuallyThere – Lookup your flight info that you registered through DTS. Requires reservation code and name

Air Force Medical Resources

  • AF CME – Putting in AF CME credits for AF conferences/courses
  • AFMS Knowledge Exchange – USAF physician pay forms, other forms. Can also access MDConsult& UpToDate on Library link on left. Good source for AFI's and Flight Med info
  • AFSAS – Air Force Accident Management System
  • AIMWTS – Air Force waiver system for Flight Med
  • Amedd virtual library – Army virtual library with medical references
  • ASIMS – Edit/adjust medical fitness profiles (469), retraining profiles (422), pre and post-deployment health assessments (DHA’s), deployment eligibility (dental, immunizations, labs, etc), requires permissions
  • ASIMS – Check your personal medial readiness and requirements, print off your 469’s
  • Military OneSource – A good resource for physicians, service members and their families regarding mental health counseling, vacation, etc. Also has free tax preparation through H&R Block online during tax season
  • Tricare Online – Book medical appointments online, re-order medications

PT Test Resources

Deployment Resources

PCS Tools

  • ETA SSO – PCS website, requires CAC login. Where you request house hold goods (HHG) pickup and drop off dates, forms for reimbursement of damages, etc.
  • Military specific housing lists
  • – information page with forms, checklists, etc.
  • Public Scales – location of scales to weight for DIY PCS moves