Conference/Event Calendar

Journal Club

Journal Club Schedule – The monthly journal club schedule. Has previous journal club articles, resident CAT presentations as well as current schedule. Journals and articles, as well as location are e-mailed to residents a few weeks prior to the journal club

Primary Article Searches 

  • AMEDD Virtual Library – Requires login/CAC with AKO Account. Non-Army can get a DKO account, which is the same thing
  •  Cochrane Reviews – Large evidence based meta-analysis reviews
  •  EBM Consult
  • Pubmed – Primary article search, can obtain full articles through links below to WSU/USU
  •  Pubmed PICO – PubMed search via Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome w/o using BOOLEAN. Can view abstracts on the webpage and then link to full articles. No pictures so easier to get at from your phone with poor internet connection
  •  Pubmed PICO 2 – 2nd link in case the 1st doesn't work
  •  Wiki Journal Club – Site that has quick notes on prominent articles

Research Tools 

  •  Zotero – Bibliography tool, picks up references from a webpage through Firefox and Chrome

How to Obtain Primary Articles

Wright State Library: Medicine Resources Main Page

  •  Login is your campus ID (username and password you use to log in to Wings/Email)
  •  Username: w###abc (abc = your initials)
  •  CaTS Help Desk – Website, Phone: 937-775-4827; e-mail
  •  eJournals – Open link. Go to RESEARCH > eJournals. Search for journal
  •  Medline – Open link. Click on EBSCO Interface. Search for a specific topic